Company registration in Bulgaria

Why business in Bulgaria?

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Being a member of the EU since 2007 Bulgaria has become a really attractive destination for opening a business. Not only the country has a strategic position connecting Europe with Middle East and Asia, but it also has very good perspectives in terms of tourism. Bulgaria is a four season destination with its developing winter and summer resorts so that’s why company registration is so attractive for the investors.

The country offers the best business conditions within the EU in terms of expenses with its exceptional opportunities. It is really cheap to register a company and to start a business in Bulgaria. You don’t need to be a Bulgarian citizen to open a company and you don’t even need to have a residence or any address in the country. This is the reason a lot of foreign entrepreneurs decided to invest money in the country especially in the winter resorts of Bansko and Razlog.

Bansko is the fastest growing winter resort on the Balkans with a lot of experts considering it also to be the best. It has 80 km of ski runs and a gondola lift. There are a lot of high quality hotels in the resort including some 5 star hotels. You can also find very profitable apartments to buy or rent.

Razlog is a neighbor town of Bansko. Both towns are 5 km away from each other. Razlog has become a four season resort with its golf course with 18 holes. Pirin Golf & Country Club Razlog is a huge one-of-a-kind luxurious mountain golf complex. It also has a lot of luxury houses and apartments to buy and rent. The complex also has a five star hotel.

Пирин голф3

Part of the golf course in Razlog

What we offer

The limited liability company, also known as LLC or Ltd., is the most popular way for doing business in Bulgaria. It is also the most secure for its owners and the cheapest too. There is no limit for the number of owners as it can have even just one. The Bulgarian for LLC is OOD for a firm with two or more partners and EOOD for a single owner company.

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