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Legal certainty in real estate transactions

Whether you are buying, selling or entering into any other type of real estate transaction, it is always important to protect your interest legally.

Legal certainty in real estate transactions is of particular importance both because of the usually high material interest and the risk of possible fraud.

The assistance we provide for different types of transactions is aimed at minimizing the risks and, if possible, eliminating them completely.

What do we offer?

Legal assistance in the following types of real estate transactions:

  • buying and selling property – whether you are buying or selling;
  • division of property – both voluntary and legal division;
  • donation of property;
  • establishing a mortgage on a property;
  • construction;
  • spatial planning and regulations;
  • transfer of property against maintenance and viewing obligation.

Our service includes everything necessary for the safe confession of any type of real estate transaction – due diligence, supply with a certificate of encumbrances, sketches, schemes, drawing up a notary deed, representation before a notary, brokers, attorneys of the other. party and all other necessary legal and non-legal elements for the successful completion of the transaction.

In the booming real estate market in Bulgaria, and especially in Sofia, the demand for and supply of residential property is growing steadily, thus increasing the risk of possible problems and fraud.

To ensure legal certainty when buying your new home or other type of property, trust our team of real estate attorneys.

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