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Does my business need an accountant?

Setting up a business in Bulgaria surely requires accounting services for your company. Profirms offers everything that a business needs – bookkeeping, financial reports, balances, budget planning, payroll, labor contracts, tax declarations and all the supporting activities that go along.

Whether you are a small company that is now starting its business venture or a big and well-established company, you no doubt need accounting services.

Why is that?

Because any commercial activity, regardless of its nature, simply can not exist without this important element. Every single business, small or large, generates the corresponding amount of sales that form its turnover and profit or loss respectively. In the case of a possible profit, the business should pay to the state treasury the corresponding profit tax, which in Bulgaria we have the advantage of being comparatively low at the rate of 10%.

In addition, whether the company has employees or not, it certainly has at least an owner and manager, in which case it is the duty of the company to pay the relevant social security contributions to the state.

We must not forget that any company that has exceeded the turnover of 50 000 BGN for the last 12 months is obliged to register under the VAT Act and to submit VAT returns to the NRA every month and, of course, to pay the tax in the treasury.

All these factors determine the need of a reliable specialist to take care of the accounting of any company that aims to operate legally and properly.

The importance of accounting services

Accountancy is really viral for the success of a business. They go along and can’t exist separately. Our team knows this fact perfectly so we take care that we offer our clients the best possible services that we could. Our clients are Bulgarian companies with foreign and local shareholders doing business internationally as well as on a local basis.

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