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    Mandatory for Bulgarian entities

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Why do you need a company address?

Every company needs an address in order to be registered in the Bulgarian Commercial Register. It is not possible to have a company without an address.

A registered address is needed for different purposes but the main one is that if at some point tax authorities decide to make some check or a revision of the company, you need a place for this.

It is now very common when a newly registered company is in VAT registration process, that tax authorities go to check the company on its address and if they don’t find anybody, they just cancel the registration.

What we offer

We offer company address in the heart of the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The service includes official address for your company and also receiving mails.

The company’s address is something that can be changed at any time, so if you don’t have your own office in the beginning, we can provide you the service initially and change it later whenever you like.

The service is pretty affordable as it costs just 430 euros per year.