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What is a shelf company

A shelf company is a ready made company that has no activity and is formed for a particular reason – to be sold. Usually the ready made companies are preferred by people who need to start their businesses immediately or just don’t want to go through the whole process of creating a brand new entity which surely saves a lot of time.

What are the advantages of a shelf company?

First of all you save time. Also, you don’t need to go through the whole process of opening a new company, VAT registration, bank account, online banking, etc. Have in mind that opening the company itself and making the VAT registration are two separate procedures and although we make it all for you, your participation in the process is inevitable. The whole process from opening the new company to making the VAT registration, opening the bank account with online banking, can take up to 20 days. The ready made company with all these can be yours for 3-4 working days.

Very often some people need a shelf company just because their activity requires an old company with history. This is exactly what we offer for the needs of your business.

Is it safe to buy a shelf company?

Perfectly safe. Our shelf companies are created with the one and only purpose to serve to your business needs. They have never had any activities and are totally debt free which we can prove with a certificate from the National Revenue Agency.

Have in mind that we can change whatever you want in the firm – name, address, scope of activity, literally everything, so it fits your needs perfectly.

You can also choose from companies with or without VAT registration.

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